But, what a man can do;
 When gusts harbour the sail, 
 When sun draughts at the rear, 
 When earth shatters in pieces, 
 When species turn on the species. 

 What a man can do,
 When strangers kill stranger,
 When outside peril and danger,
 When artillery and drums of war,
 Cause cries come from afar.

 Man can 
 Sail on the wind, 
 Control suns power,
 Mark the ground,
 Build a castle, home, a tower.
 Man can 
 Turn on a neighbour, friend or foe,
 Can kill all- just to stand lone.
 Spark a conflict, catalyse a war,
 Quite easy, not stretching as far

 And then with shrug,
 Sit in the garden, 
Pipe between the lips 
and saying: What a men can do about those things…
Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven
 10 minutes- Spinning animation
"What I can deduce?" He asked profoundly the wheezy inspector, before glancing back at the untidy stack of papers. He sneered with his usual arrogancy, and in haze of cigarette smoke stated: "Not much, it is just an artistic wriggle." 
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